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Whole Cardamom 4 oz.

  • Whole cardamom pods
  • Great for Indian dishes, curries, breads, and chai tea
  • Warm taste and exotic aroma
  • Lasts longer than ground cardamom
  • Easily accessible for any pantry


Masala Chai Magic

Whole cardamom pods are essential for making authentic Indian masala chai, which is a spiced black tea that commonly includes cinnamon, cloves, and black peppercorns.

Infuse Braised Foods

Infuse steamed and braised foods with cardamom's piney and citrus flavor by crushing the pods to slightly to release the floral, exotic aroma of the seeds. Alternatively, use the whole pods in recipes with liquids to help infuse flavors.


This 6 oz. container of whole cardamom is ready to use and a cost-efficient option for high-volume kitchens. Dehydrated spices also last longer than fresh ingredients and are easier to store, making them the perfect addition to any busy, high-output kitchen.


Whole Cardamom 4oz.

SKU: 102708581
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