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Whole Black Peppercorn - 1 lb. 

  • Whole peppercorns
  • Great for cooking or garnishing dishes
  • Dark color and strong flavor
  • Great value, multi-purpose ingredient


Whole Peppercorns

Because this product comes whole, this spice maintains its flavor longer than ground options. It's also more versatile since it can be left whole or ground to a coarse or fine consistency.

Sharp, Piney Flavor

Whole black pepper has a strong flavor and a pungent aroma that pairs well with many different recipes.

Versatile Ingredient

Peppercorns can be ground up or used whole in a sachet d'epices to add robust flavor to soups, stews, and stocks.


Whole Black Peppercorn 1 lb.

SKU: 10207111
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