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Ultra Strength Fei Fah Electric Medicated Balm (2.45 Oz) + free travel size (0.35 Oz)

Size: 2.45 oz. (70 g) per bottle + Free Sample 0.35 oz (10 g) 

Benefits: This medicated balm is highly effective in penetrating the skin and providing quick pain relief for many types of muscle and joint pain. It contains menthol, which is a powerful compound that is derived from many types of mint plants. Menthol contains an analgesic property that, when in contact with the skin, produces a numbing effect that reduces pain.

Also, menthol is effective because vasodilation takes place when you put the balm on your skin. Your blood vessels widen in that area of the body, which boosts blood flow. This causes other ingredients in the balm to reach the affected areas faster, thus reducing your pain.

Note: this product contains a small free balm sample, which is perfect for your purse or on the go.

Manufactured by Feh Fah Medical Mfg. Pte. Ltd.

Product of Singapore


Ultra Strength Fei Fah Electric Medicated Balm contains: Methyl salicylate 32%, Menthol 16%

Ultra Strength Fei Fah Electric Medicated Balm with Free Travel Size

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