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Table Grind Black Pepper 1 lb.

  • Popular choice for restaurant tabletops
  • Great for cooking or garnishing dishes
  • Dark color and strong flavor
  • Great value, multi-purpose ingredient
  • Fine 30-mesh grind


Tabletop Use

This 30-mesh ground black pepper offers a fine grind that is ideal for placing in shakers on restaurant and diner tabletops, or back of house garnishing. The pepper flakes are slightly larger than ultra-fine grind black pepper, yet not quite as noticeable as coarse grind black pepper, making it an ideal for all of your garnishing and seasoning needs.

Piney Flavor

This table grind black pepper is derived from the dried, dark, shriveled berry of the pepper vine and ground into a fine powder. It has a pungent, woody, piney flavor.

Save on Prep Time

Table grind pepper is ready to use, helping to cut down on preparation time when compared to whole peppercorns. It offers a consistent taste, aroma, and color, so your foods always taste their best.

Bulk Table Grind Black Pepper 1 lb.

SKU: 10200109
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