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TABASCO® 64 oz. Sriracha Hot Sauce



Gluten FreeYes
Made in AmericaYes
Package Size64 oz.
Package TypeBulk
TypeHot Sauces
  • Made from sun-ripened chilies ground into a smooth paste
  • Versatile product ideal for Thai cuisine, soups, and burgers
  • Just a few drops adds bold flavor
  • Acts as a perfect secret ingredient to enhance sauces and marinades
  • Great for back of the house kitchen prep



TABASCO® 64 oz. sriracha hot sauce provides a quick and easy way to flavor your dishes! Sriracha continues to grow in popularity, and this sauce combines sriracha flavor with a kick from TABASCO® signature red peppers. Just a small amount will spice up any appetizer, snack, or entree you create. Choose TABASCO® hot sauce for your restaurant or event, and your guests will recognize the brand name as one that stands for consistent quality and taste!

Common among Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, this sriracha hot sauce is great for pad Thai, chow mein, wontons, and soups. Blend it into signature barbeque sauces or hot sauces for wings, hot dogs, and hamburgers. It even enhances ketchup, mayonnaise, and dressings. No matter how you use it, the distinctive savory, sweet, and spicy blend of flavors makes an excellent addition to any meal. This bulk 64 oz. container is great for back of the house use. Simply remove the cap, add as much unmistakable TABASCO® flavor as you want to your dishes, and store the rest for later!

In the late 1880's, Edmund McIlhenny created a sauce that would make a mark on the world as one of the most recognizable brands ever created. TABASCO® is a condiment found on almost every restaurant's tabletop to appease customers with the hot sauce that they know and love. Now, with an extensive list of hot sauces flavors, snacks, marinades, and even fan apparel, TABASCO® is more than a hot sauce, it's the familiar brand recognition that customers expect at all eateries.


  • Gluten-Free

    This item is gluten-free per the manufacturer.

  • Non-GMO

    This item does not contain any genetically modified ingredients.

  • Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.


    This item has been Halal certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America and it is permissible under Islamic law.

  • K Kosher

    This item is certified Kosher per the manufacturer.

TABASCO® 64 oz. Sriracha Hot Sauce

SKU: 999TB00882
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