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Spicy Fried Instant Noodle, 4Pk 400g 

Net Weight: 90g x 4pks (360g)

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Traditional and fine ingredients to retain the local Malaysian flavor. The amazing chili paste and fried shallots create a rich and strong spicy sauce. The noodles' excellent texture and chewiness work perfectly with the broth. Taste it yourself, then you'll know how it made it to the top of the list.

Cooking Instruction:
- Add noodle into 380ml of boiling water and cook for 3 mins
- Add chili paste and fried shallots into a bowl
- After 3 minutes, take out the noodle and drain well
- Mix well with chili paste and fried shallots, "MyKuali Spicy Dried Noodle" is ready to be served.

Spicy Fried Instant Noodle, 4Pk 400g

SKU: 3010-400g
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