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Nongshim Shin Ramen Black 4Pk 4.85oz(130g) 
The deep and thick broth of Shin Ramyun Black
Garlic and outer leaves are the most effective ingredients to make the most of the taste of broth. Shin Ramyun Black enhances the absorption of nourishment with a lot of garlic. Furthermore, the addition of vegetables such as outer leaves fills the nutrients that most modern people lack. In addition, the tasty large flakes add the taste and flavor of Ramyun (beef, shiitake mushroom, garlic, and big green onion).

0g Trans Fat
No(MSG) added
You can enjoy the clear taste of Ramyun free of trans fat and saturated fat. You can experience Nongshim’s thick noodle and spicy broth which contains no MSG along with Nongshim’s effort to keep you healthy.

Shin Ramen Black 4Pk 4.85oz(130g)

SKU: 1029-4.85oz
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