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Selected Large Size Dried Shrimp  1 lb/Bag

  • Louisiana Dried Shrimp
  • Shell, Head & Tail Are Removed. You Get Just The Tasty Dried Shrimp Meat.
  • Ready To Eat Out of The Bag. Can Be Versatile In Addition to Various Dishes Such as Stir-Fried, Soup, Stews, Salad Or Congee
  • Gluten-Free And Contains No Monosodium Glutamate. Low Sodium, Low-fat Source of Protein And Essential Vitamins And Minerals
  • Store in Cold and Dry Place After Opening. Keep Away From Sunlight Directly. Keep in Freezer Will Give Long Shelf-life

Selected Large Size Dried Shrimp 1 lb/Bag

SKU: s012421L
$36.99 Regular Price
$33.29Sale Price
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