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Santi Scalper Penis Enhancement Capsule

Size: 0.3g /piece. 9 pieces/bottle

Santi Scalper Penis Erection Capsules is suddenly take the high quality yellow bull's penis as the main raw material from Anhui Mengcheng (national ox cultivation base), matches by the velvet, the ginseng and other precious traditional Chinese medicine and so on. The basis tradition traditional Chinese medicine principle, uses the modern medicopharmaceutical science technology and the production craft, carefully withdraws the strong waist healthy kidney to become new generation of quality product which the manufacture, the product exports US, Japan and Southeast Asia.
It can invigorates the kidney fortifies the penis strongly, fine lives the marrow, restores vital energy and profit blood, solid body and promotes saliva. Therefore, it can improve the sexual impotence, the premature ejaculation, the sexual desire drops, the sexual intercourse, the function of sex barrier, the body feels weak excessively, backache and knee softly, and other sickness. Above all for whom that penis can lift but is not firm and the sexual intercourse time short has the original effect. But not applicable for whom is heart disease and diabetes patient.

Specification: 0.3g /piece. 9 pieces/bottle
Usage: 3 pieces each time, before half hour making the sexual intercourse. Ordinary for health care: 1 pieces per day (morning or before sleeping).

Storage: In room conventional preservation.
Producer : Anhui Santi medicines healthy product company
Production base: Anhui Mengchen

Santi Scalper Penis Enhancement Capsule

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