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Ren Shen Lu Rong Wan - Herbal Supplement

Size: 10 pills per box

Ren Shen Lu Rong Wan is a highly trusted Chinese herbal supplement that supports the health of your kidneys and motor system. It is helpful in keeping your body fit and toned as you follow a plan of healthy diet and regular exercise.

Benefits: This product contains panax ginseng root. The word ‘ginseng’ comes from the word in Chinese ‘renshen,’ which means ‘man root.’ Ginseng has been used for more than 5000 years in China, mainly for its powers of rejuvenation. Legends in China state that emperors used ginseng to help provide them with more energy. Ginseng demand became very high in the third century AD in China as well as around the globe, due to its perceived health benefits.


Manufactured by Beijing Tong Ren Tang Limited Company Tong Ren Tang Pharmaceutical Factory

Product of Beijing, China

Ren Shen Lu Rong Wan Herbal Supplement

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