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Monarch's Choice 5 lb. Clover Honey

Gluten FreeYes
Honey ColorExtra Light
Package Size5 lb.
Package TypeBulk

  • 5 lb. honey from the nectar of clover flowers
  • Perfect for table use, cooking, and baking
  • Light, sweet taste with a classic golden color
  • Easy-grip plastic container
  • Ideal alternative to standard sugar


Versatile Ingredient

This clover honey is a delicious way to get creative in the kitchen! Its fragrant flavor and velvety texture makes it the perfect complement to a variety of savory dishes, from classic honey-baked ham and sweet breads to sticky honey-glazed chicken! Use it to sweeten homemade salad dressings or dissolve a spoonful to a steaming hot cup of tea. You can even try using this clover honey to create mead! No matter how you choose to use it, your patrons are sure to love its sweet taste and subtle tang!

Classic Golden Color

This pure honey is collected from sweet honeycomb and is free from unwanted additives. It is a naturally gluten-free sweetener that has a light taste with a hint of floral flavor.

Convenient Flip-Top Container

To seal in freshness, this black cap snaps securely into place and has a small opening so you can control the amount of honey you use. Packed in an easy-to-grip plastic container, you can store this honey at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

Great Alternative to Sugar

This pure clover honey is great for stirring into batters and kneading into dough for delectable cakes and lightly sweetened breads. Because it is so sweet, less honey is required to sweeten baked goods than sugar, making it a cost-effective option. Plus, this natural sweetener is a great way to offer "clean-label" products that conscious customers will love!

Monarch's Choice 5 lb. Clover Honey

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