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Mogami Rice 8 Blended Whole Grain Rice 5 lb

8-Grain rice is a blend of popular favorite blends of grains to create a delicious and harmonious rice. Consisting of a mixture of
  • barley
  • maple rice
  • brown rice
  • red wheat,
  • purple barley
  • black rice
  • red rice
And rice this unique combination of multiple grains is perfect for anyone looking to add more color and variety of texture to their rice consumption. It provides more nutrition than white rice because the bran layer is left on these rice varieties.
Cooking instructions (rice cooker):
1 cup of Mogami 8-blend whole grain rice and 2 cups of water, add 1 teaspoon of cooking oil or margarine and cook on the mixed rice setting.
Ingredients: barley, maple rice, brown rice, red wheat, purple barley, black rice, red rice, and rice
Product of USA

Mogami Rice 8 Blended Whole Grain Rice 5 lbs

SKU: 0211-Mogami
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