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Medique 22473  35 pieces Fanny Pack Basic First Aid Kit


  • Contains all of the basic necessities for first aid care
  • Portable in order to go wherever you need
  • Adjustable belt strap allows you to wear this first aid kit around your waist
  • Features 35 pieces
  • Perfect for taking care of minor medical emergencies during travel

Keep your supplies close on hand in the event of a medical emergency with this Medique 22473 fanny pack basic first aid kit. With this kit you are equipped with everything you need to treat cuts, burns, and abrasions, as well as a first aid handbook for quick reference on how to treat certain injuries. It includes 35 pieces to help you deal with injuries.

This first aid kit is portable and includes an adjustable belt strap so that it can be worn around the waist. This kit will come in handy whether you're on vacation, traveling to work, or at home, and thanks to its portability, you can always have it on hand. Clean and treat cuts and burns, as well as alleviate common discomforts like headaches and indigestion, with the help of this first aid kit.

Kit Includes:
(1) Adhesive tape, 1/2" x 5 yd.
(1) Ammonia inhalants
(1) Adhesive bandage, 1" x 3 strip, 16/box
(1) Cold pack, small
(1) CPR mask / breathing barrier
(1) First aid handbook
(1) Scissors, 4 1/2"
(1) Trauma pad, 5" x 9"
(1) Triangular bandage with pins, non-sterile
(1) Tweezers, plastic
(2) Adhesive bandage, 2" x 3", patch
(2) Burn cream with Lidocaine, 0.9 gm.
(2) Powder-free disposable exam gloves, large pair
(3) Gauze pad, 3" x 3"
(5) Insect string relief wipes
(5) Non-aspirin tablets, 2/pack
(6) Antiseptic wipes

Medique 35 pieces Fanny Pack Basic First Aid Kit

SKU: 57722473
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