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Medique 61678 Medi-First Woven Knuckle Bandage - 40/Box

編織指關節繃帶創可貼 40/盒


  • Specially designed to allow your knuckles to bend
  • Woven, latex free material for added durability
  • Apply bandage as flat as possible
  • Tamper-evident sealed packets
  • Perfect for stocking medical kits and cabinets at your office, restaurant, or construction site


Treat minor scrapes, cuts, and abrasions with these Medique 61678 Medi-First woven knuckle bandages. From busy chefs trying to keep up with a busy dinner rush to students racing around on the playground, injuries are bound to happen. These bandages will help protect wounds from infection, prevent cross-contamination, and keep those minor injuries from becoming big problems. Keeping this extra layer of protection on hand is perfect for quickly addressing any mishap in your business.

Each woven bandage is specially designed to allow your knuckles to bend, giving you near full use of your hand. It creates a barrier against bacteria and other germs. Simply clean and dry the wound and apply the bandage so it is as flat as possible. For best results, always thoroughly read the directions and warnings on the box. Use these bandages to stock your medical cabinet or kit at your construction site, commercial kitchen, office, or school.

Medi-First Woven Knuckle Bandag 40/Box

SKU: 57761678
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