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Medi-First 6104 Rip-N-Wrap 4" Self Adhesive Wrap

4" 包綁紮帶


  • Easy-to-use roll design
  • Cohesive, soft material is gentle without sticking to skin or hair
  • Use to secure bandages or dressings, or for light compression
  • Tears easily to quickly get you the right length you need
  • Perfect for stocking medical kits and cabinets at your office, restaurant, or construction site


Secure bandages and cover wounds with this Medi-First 6104 4" self adhesive wrap. From busy employees rushing around a warehouse to construction workers dealing with heavy, sharp objects, injuries are bound to happen. This 4" wide wrap is perfect for stabilizing bandages and gauze so that they stay fixed to the wound. The cohesive material is soft and gentle so it won't stick to or pull hair and skin, making it great for use in schools or daycares as children have more sensitive skin. Use this self adhesive wrap to stock your medical cabinet or kit at your construction site, commercial kitchen, office, or school.

In the event of an emergency, keeping wounds covered is of the utmost of importance, and this wrap will surely get the job done. Wind this wrap snugly around wound dressings to further secure the bandage, and the wrap easily tears without any scissors so you can quickly get just the right length you need. Additionally, this lightweight wrap is great for providing slight but constant compression on twisted ankles, sprained wrists, or any other minor injury that may swell, or use this wrap if you need to control minor bleeding. Keeping this extra layer of protection on hand is perfect for quickly addressing any small injury in your business.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 4"

Medi-First Rip-N-Wrap 4" Self Adhesive Wrap

SKU: 5776104
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