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Medi-First Mediwash First Aid Eye Wash 4 oz.



  • Provides soothing relief to the eyes
  • Sterile irrigating formula flushes eyes to relieve discomfort and remove unwanted debris
  • Convenient 4 oz. size


Provides Soothing Relief

For minor incidents that don't require a visit to a doctor, Medi-First Mediwash eye wash refreshes and cleanses tired and irritated eyes so that your employees can return to work more quickly.


Sterile Irrigating Formula

The sterile irrigating formula with an isotonic buffered solution containing sodium chloride in water flushes particles from eyes quickly to relieve discomfort.


Single Use 4 oz. Size

Designed to be used only once, the small 4 oz. size of this bottle of eye wash solution fits conveniently inside your first aid kit or in a cabinet with your other first aid supplies.


Medi-First Mediwash First Aid Eye Wash 4 oz.

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