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MagiCare 75% Alcohol Sanitizing Wipes

Size: 1 pack, 80 count 

No chemical smell wipe without unpleasant fragrances for that fresh and clean feeling. Reverse Osmosis (RO) pure water leave hands feeling clean without foamy, oily or soapy residue. Go big or go home larger sized wipes retain higher amounts of moisture allowing you to use less wipes to tackle the same mess.

  • Convenient Packaging: 1 Resealable Pack of 80ct Wet Wipes with a Clip Cap. Put a pack in your backpack, car or purse for all-day protection.
  • Keeps Hands Clean and Sanitized: Magicare sanitizing wipes work by cleaning, sanitizing and moisturizing hands. Our 75 percent alcohol and RO pure water formula are safe to use on nearly all skin types. Safe for kids and younger children.
  • Larger Size & More Moisture: Our 6" x 8" wipes are large in size and bigger than most other sanitizer wipes on the market. They also have higher moisture retention with their 45 g weight and non-woven material. Try these out for yourself and you'll surely notice the difference!
  • Fragrance-Free Solution: Our Non-Scented Wipes will leave your skin feeling clean, without the strong smell you may get from other sanitizers.
  • Uses: Aside from sanitizing your hands, these wipes are great for cleansing your kid's toy, phone, laptop/ computer screen, jewelry. Bring a pack to school, on a plane or to the gym for protection everywhere you go!

MagiCare Hand Sanitizer Wipes (80ct ) Premium Unscented Sanitizing Wipes

SKU: M80ct
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