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Lan Zhou Foci - Liu Wei Di Huang Wan - Herbal Supplement

by Lan Zhou Foci Brand
蘭卅佛慈六味地黃丸 (200粒) / 200 pills per bottle


Lan Zhou Foci Brand’s Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is a natural herbal supplement that is designed specifically to support the reproductive needs of men. This supplement also supports the health of your circulatory and immune systems, kidneys, bodily tissues and lumbar region, along with your knees and ears.



Lan Zhou Foci - Liu Wei Di Huang Wan contains Chinese yam rhizome which is an ornamental vine that grows extensively in Asia. It also can grow in North America, but it is unrelated to sweet potatoes in the US. Chinese yam also is known as cinnamon vine. The roots of this yam contain disgenin. Chinese yam can be useful in supporting the health of the male reproductive system and provide support for the joints. It supports the function of kidneys, as well.



Lan Zhou Foci - Liu Wei Di Huang Wan contains the following:

Prepared Rehmannia Root
· Asiatic Dogwood Ripe Fleshy Fruit

Tree Peony Bark
Chinese Yam Rhizome
Polyporus Sclerotium
Asian Water Plantain Tuber


How to Use

We recommend that you take eight pills, three times per day. You can take this supplement with boiled, cooled water or lightly salted soup.


Manufactured by
Lanzhou Foguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Product of China


Do not use if you are pregnant.
Not recommended for long term use or in excess of recommended amounts, in cases of diarrhea, indigestion, painful or difficult urination, frequent copious urination, or excessive menstruation.
Make sure that you understand the actions of this product before taking it.
If you have severe kidney problems or disease, please seek the advice of a doctor, acupuncturist or health practitioner before taking this product.



Lan Zhou Foci - Liu Wei Di Huang Wan - Herbal Supplement

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