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Kikkoman 7 Gram Hot Mustard Sauce Packet - 500/Case

Made in AmericaYes
Package Size7 g.
Package TypePackets
TypeSpicy Mustard
  • Popular condiment made from spicy mustard seed and rice vinegar
  • Rich, piquant flavor
  • Light yellow color with a smooth consistency
  • Perfect for dipping appetizers and meats
  • Packaged in a 7 gram packet for consistent serving size and convenient portability



Offer a classic Asian condiment in a convenient portion size with this Kikkoman hot mustard sauce packet! Packaged in 7 gram portions, this hot mustard makes a great addition to nearly any Asian restaurant. These easy-to-open packets can be offered in-house to allow your guests to season their food just they way they like it or you can toss a few into your to-go orders to offer your patrons bold flavor in the comfort of their homes.

Kikkoman makes this hot mustard sauce according to a traditional recipe in order to offer a flavor that your customers will love! Made with spicy Chinese mustard seed and rice vinegar, this hot mustard offers hot, pungent flavor with a sinus-clearing kick. This sauce is light yellow in color and has a smooth consistency that's perfect for dipping. This bold condiment is often used to add spicy, complex flavor to appetizers like egg rolls and fried wontons or popular meat entrees.

Offering a wide range of soy sauce and other Asian-style products, Kikkoman is a recognizable brand for your Asian-inspired restaurant, noodle restaurant, or cafe! Kikkoman provides authentic taste made from quality ingredients, so you can make authentic Asian-style meals or enhance mainstream American foods with new flavors.

  • Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

Kikkoman 7 Gram Hot Mustard Sauce Packet - 500/Case

SKU: 137PC01711
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