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Ketchup 7 Gram Portion Packets - 500/Case

Package Size7 g.
Package TypePortion Control Packs
  • Great for takeout, schools, and convenience stores
  • Lower costs with portion control
  • 7 gram packet



Whether your customers are dining in or grabbing takeout, you'll be able to complete any meal with this ketchup! Featuring the full-bodied, tangy tomato flavor your customers know and love, this ketchup is a must-have for any serving of hot dogs, hamburgers, and French fries. With its classic recipe and smooth texture, this ketchup features the perfect blend of flavorful ingredients, making for a savory yet slight sweet sauce that will enhance the flavor of almost any dish!

These 7 gram packets are ideal for any restaurant, diner, convenience store, grocery store, school cafeteria, concession stand, or takeout station. Made using fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes, tart vinegar, and a dash of sugar and spices, this delicious ketchup will delight your customers with its classic tomato taste and bright red color. Portion packets of ketchup keep the product fresh and reduce waste from unused product in bulk containers. Offer these ketchup packets in takeout bags, and they're must-have items for your to-go dining service!

Ketchup 7 Gram Portion Packets - 500/Case

SKU: 125PC68135
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