Jang Kal Guk Su Spicy Flavor 4Pk 4.06oz(115g) 

Brand  Nongshim

Net Wt.   4.06oz(115g) 4packs

Country of Manufacture   South Korea

A craving taste for hot & spicy

Artisanship of the Noodle: Special non-fried Kal Guk Su noodles developed with Nongshim’s unique technology Diamond-shaped dual textured noodles with a soft and chewy texture

Artisanship of the soup: Refreshing and savory soup discovered by Nongshim 

Savory Seafood broth prepared with clams, mussels, and anchovies

Artisanship of the Seasoning: Adjustable to your taste with fermented red pepper paste. Add fermented red pepper paste for a rich and spicy taste

Jang Kal Guk Su Spicy Flavor 4Pk 4.06oz(115g)

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