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Huang Lien Shang Ching Pien - Herbal Supplement

Size: 96 tablets per box

Huang Lien Shang Ching Pien is an herbal supplement that supports the health of the upper area of your body, including the head, ears, tongue, throat, mouth, and gums.

Benefits: This herbal supplement is used a great deal in China to support the upper respiratory system. It contains rhubarb rhizome, which is effective in relieving occasional upset stomach.

Manufactured by Tianjin Zhongxin Phar. Group Corp., LTD.

Product of China


Huang Lien Shang Ching Pien contains the following: Baikal Skullcap Root, Sichuan Lovage Root and Stem, Gardenia Fruit, Fang-Fend Root, Balloon Flower Root, Forsythia Fruit, Round-Leaf Chaste Tree Fruit, Chrysanthemum Flower, Japanese Elecampane Flower, Chinese Licorice Root and Stem, Fragrant Angelica Root, Gypsum, Chinese Rhubarb Rhizome and Root, Chinese Mint Stem and Leaf, Schizonepeta Spica, Phellodendron Bark, Golden Thread Rhizome

Huang Lien Shang Ching Pien Herbal Supplement

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