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Healthy Brain Pills (Jian Nao Wan) - Herbal Supplement

Size: 300 pills per bottle 

Healthy Brain Pills is a natural herbal supplement that supports the healthy function of your brain. It does this by helping to sharpen your mental focus and properly regulate your patterns of sleeping. With proper rest, your brain is able to function at a higher level. This supplement also can support memory, concentration and relieve fatigue and mental stress.

Benefits: The many herbs in this supplement have been used in China for hundreds of years. They have been shown to support mental alertness, memory, and lower stress. These herbal ingredients can support the health of your circulatory system, which can help to improve the blood flow to the brain helping improve brain function.


Manufactured by Qingdao Medicine Works

Product of China

Healthy Brain Pills (Jian Nao Wan) Herbal Supplement

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