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 Ground Mace  4 oz.

  • Similar to nutmeg with a more pungent, spicy taste
  • Warm, earthy undertones
  • Complements a variety of dishes from sweet to savory
  • Perfect for use in baked goods, soups, stews, and more
  • Pairs well with a variety of spices


Perfect for Desserts

The sweet and zesty flavor of mace will add a bit of warmth to donuts, cakes, cookies, muffins, and other baked goods. It's also commonly used in custards and puddings, and can even be used to garnish eggnog or hot chocolate for a tasty cold weather treat.

Versatile Ingredient

Ground mace is the perfect addition to savory dishes, such as meats, soups, and stews, and can also be used in cream sauces. Mace is also an excellent choice for seasoning fruits and vegetables.

Popular in Ethnic Cuisines

Mace is a common spice used in many regions across the world, including Caribbean, Western European, Moroccan, and Indian cuisines. It's also ideal for creating Garam Masala, Japanese curry powder, and Ras el Hanout spice blends.


Ground Mace 4 oz.

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