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Garlic Powder 1 lb.

  • Dehydrated powdered garlic
  • Longer shelf life than fresh garlic
  • Ready to use - saves preparation time
  • Fine ground powder disperses well in liquids
  • Use with breads, sauces, soups, ground meat, and more


Perfect for Barbecue Dishes

The pungent and spicy flavor of garlic is perfect for garlic bread, barbecued ribs, chicken, or burgers. This spice also works well with sloppy joes, chili, or hot dogs.

Versatile Ingredient

The unique and delicious flavor and aroma of garlic is commonly used in Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and Italian cuisines. However, it also works well with traditional American dishes and can even be eaten alone.

Saves Prep Time

Because this spice is already diced and ready to go, it can easily be portioned out into smaller containers. Dehydrated spices also last longer than fresh ingredients and are easier to store, making them the perfect addition to any busy, high-output kitchen.

Bulk Garlic Powder 1 lb.

SKU: 10207064
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