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 Fennel Seed - 8 oz.

  • Accessible container great for any pantry
  • Great for sausages, breads, and more
  • Adds texture and flavor to dishes
  • Common in Italian or Mediterranean cuisine


Adds Flavor and Texture

Because this spice comes in seed form, it can be added to sausages, breads, and condiments to add a unique flavor and texture to your signature dishes.

Sweet, Licorice-Like Flavor

Similar to anise, fennel seeds have a sweet flavor and a pungent, warm aroma that will enhance a variety of sweet and savory dishes.

Versatile Ingredient

Common in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, fennel is often used in flavoring liquors, meat and seafood dishes, condiments, and baked goods.


Fennel Seed 8 oz.

SKU: 10207055
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