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Du Zhong Zhuang Gu Wan - Herbal Supplement

by Li Shi Brand

貴卅杜仲壯骨丸 (100粒) / 100 pills per bottle


This is a popular and trusted herbal supplement in China that provides you with support to maintain strong and healthy tendons, joints, muscles, loins and knees.



Du Zhong Zhuang Gu Wan is helpful in supporting a healthy circulatory system. It also helps to keep your brain functioning at optimum levels so that your memory is working at its highest capacity. This herbal supplement also provides support for muscle, tendon and joint health.

This product contains Oriental ginseng root which has been used for centuries to support brain health and memory, as well as improving your overall health. Some herbalists in China believe that Oriental ginseng can help to support youth and vigor, as well.



Du Zhong Zhuang Gu Wan contains the following ingredients:

Eucommia Bark
Oriental Ginseng Root
San-qi Ginseng
Dong-quai Root
Pubescent Angelica Herb
Flowering Quince Fruit
Atractylodes Root and Stem
White Mulberry Stem
Sargentodoxa Vine Stem
Epimedium Herb
Hairy Birthwort Root and Stem
Wild Pepper Stem


How to Use

We recommend that you take 8-12 pills, three times per day.


Manufactured by
Guiyang Dechangxiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Product of Guizhou, China


Not to be used during pregnancy.


Du Zhong Zhuang Gu Wan - Herbal Supplement

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