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Dried White Beans 1 lb.

  • Perfect for enhancing buffets and restaurant menus
  • Easy to prepare and add to any dish
  • Milder taste than cannelini beans
  • Can be used as a protein substitute for meat in soups and stews to accommodate vegetarian guests
  • Rich in fiber, vitamin B, and protein
  • Great, low-calorie, low-fat option for health-conscious consumers
  • Boxed with no additives or preservatives to ensure a fresh flavor and homegrown taste


Enhances Your Menu

These legumes are perfect for enhancing buffet and restaurant menus. After rinsing and boiling them, the cooked beans have a smooth, mild, wholesome flavor that makes them great for use in soups and stews. Similar in appearance to white cannelini beans, yet not quite as rich-tasting and meaty, they're also great for casseroles and chilis.

A Nutritious Option

High in fiber, vitamin B, and protein, these small white beans are a great, low-calorie, low-fat option for health-conscious consumers. Use this bulk supply of small white beans to expand your menu selection and create healthier dish options!


Bulk Organic White Beans 1 lb.

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