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Dried Navy Beans 1 lb.

  • Costs less and contains less sodium than canned beans
  • Long shelf life
  • Good source of protein
  • Great for baked beans and soups

Enhances Your Menu

These legumes are perfect for enhancing buffet and restaurant menus. After soaking and boiling them, make your own smoky and sweet baked beans recipe, or use them in soups, chilis, or stews. They're also great for ethnic meals, such as a side to Costa Rican pork dishes.

A Nutritious Option

Rich in protein and iron, these navy beans are a fantastic, low-calorie, low-fat option for health-conscious consumers. They're low-sodium, cholesterol free, and packaged with no additives or preservatives, ensuring a fresh flavor and homegrown taste. Use these beans to expand your menu selection and create healthier dish options!


Bulk Organic Navy Beans 1 lb.

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