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Dried Chick Peas (Garbanzo Beans) 1 lb.

  • Great for hoem, restaurants, salad bars, and diners
  • Perfect for salads, soups, or making hummus
  • Low in cholesterol and fat for a low-calorie food option
  • Good source of protein
  • Easy to cook and prepare


Enhances Your Menu

These legumes are perfect for enhancing buffet and restaurant menus. After soaking and boiling them, toss a few on top of leafy lettuce with a drizzle of dressing for a cold and refreshing salad, roast them for a crispy side dish, or grind them to a thick dip mixed with herbs and spices for a one-of-a-kind hummus and enjoy.

A Nutritious Option

Rich in protein and dietary fiber, these chick peas are a fantastic, low-calorie, low-fat option for health-conscious consumers. They're cholesterol free and packaged with no additives or preservatives, ensuring a fresh flavor and homegrown taste. Use these chick peas to expand your menu selection and create healthier dish options!


Bulk Organic Chick Peas, Garbanzo Beans 1 lb.

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