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Domino 1 lb. Light Brown Sugar

Package Size1 lb.
Sugar TypeLight Brown Sugar
  • Delicate caramel flavor
  • Convenient 1 lb. box
  • Increases shelf life of baked goods
  • All natural


Satisfy the sweet tooth of every guest with this Domino light brown sugar! Owned as part of the world's largest refiner of cane sugar, Domino ensures that each and every one of its sugar products is guaranteed to be the best in quality for all of your sweetening needs.

Domino's light brown sugar makes your home, restaurant, cafe, or bakery's menu just a little bit sweeter in an endless number of ways. Whether baking your most popular chocolate chip cookie recipe or topping a warm apple pie, this light brown sugar can boost your profits with the most irresistible sweet treats! It can also be added into signature barbeque sauces or sprinkled atop a warm bowl of oatmeal.

Sugar adds texture and flavor to virtually any glaze, side dish, bakery treat, or dipping sauce. Not only is it a necessity for your kitchen, but this Domino light brown sugar is a widely used, age-old favorite that's guaranteed to make your dining experience sweeter for guests of all ages.

Domino 1 lb. Light Brown Sugar

SKU: 99933122
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