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Coarse Grind Ground Black Pepper 1 lb.


  • Coarse ground consistency
  • Great for cooking or garnishing dishes
  • Dark color and strong flavor
  • Great value, multi-purpose ingredient
  • Coarse 18 mesh grind


Coarse Texture

This seasoning is ground from premium peppercorns, and is great for cooking applications. Also, since this pepper has larger flakes, it will enhance the appearance of your dressings, sauces, and other foods.

Strong Flavor

Since this pepper is coarser than its finely ground-counterpart, it is packed with a sharp, piney flavor.

Versatile Ingredient

Regal coarse pepper can be used in almost any cooking or garnishing application. It’s also ideal for curing and pickling foods.



Bulk Coarse Grind Ground Black Pepper 1 lb.

SKU: 10207480
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