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 Cinnamon Sticks  4 oz.

  • Whole cinnamon sticks
  • Great as a garnish or ingredient
  • Easily accessible for any pantry
  • Add flair to drinks by using as stirring sticks

Whole Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon sticks have a solid, swirled shape that not only looks interesting in your dishes and drinks, but is also easier to handle than ground spices.

Familiar Earthy Taste

Cinnamon has a familiar taste and smell that your customers are sure to know and love, whether it's in their coffee drink or baked good.

Versatile Ingredient

Cinnamon is a versatile ingredient, and these sticks can be used as a garnish in hot drinks or soaked in curries to add more dimension to the dish.

Cinnamon Sticks 4 oz.

SKU: 10207035
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