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Bossen 2.2 lb. Grade A Taro Powder Mix

  • Creamy, vanilla, nutty flavor blended with smooth non-dairy creamer
  • Caffeine-free; lactose-free
  • Resealable bag makes for quick and easy use and storage
  • Each bag makes approximately (25) 24 fl. oz. prepared beverages
  • Perfect for crafting milk teas, smoothies, slushies, and other specialty beverages


Featured Recipe

TARO MILK TEA (24 fl. oz.)
200 mL hot water or hot tea
4 tbsp. Bossen taro powder
2 tbsp. non-dairy creamer
0.5 fl. oz. liquid fructose or simple syrup

Combine all ingredients into a 24 oz. shaker or cup and stir thoroughly to dissolve powder. Top off shaker or cup with ice and shake. Add in your favorite bubble tea toppings & serve!
* To serve this drink hot, don't add ice. Serve immediately after stirring mixture.

Bossen 2.2 lb. Grade A Taro Powder Mix

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