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Blue Woven Adhesive Fingertip Bandage 50/Box

藍色編織的指尖繃帶 創可貼  50/盒


  • Blue color indicates its use for foodservice
  • Metal detectable design for food manufacturing
  • Sterilized and latex-free; safe for all users and patients
  • Specially made to fit fingertips
  • Clean and dry skin before application


These Medique 66050 blue woven fingertip bandages are a perfect addition to your food service establishment. Each bandage is metal detectable, which means that a metal detector will go off if this bandage falls of and goes through certain parts of a food manufacturing facility. This helps your business be completely sure that the best health and food safety standards are being upheld at all times.

Plus, the blue color allows for quick detection in any typical foodservice area, like a kitchen. Their unique design allows for unrestricted fingertip movement, while still protecting your minor wounds on fingers or fingertips. Whether you're treating cuts, burns, scrapes, or other light wounds, these blue adhesive fingertip bandages are ideal for a variety of applications.

Blue Woven Adhesive Fingertip Bandage - 50/Box

SKU: 57766050
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