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Black Sesame Seeds 1 lb.

  • Accessible container great for any pantry
  • Popular in Asian seasoning blends
  • Adds texture and flavor to dishes
  • Flavor intensifies when toasted


Flat Oval Shape

Black sesame seeds are oval and flat, which means they are easily visible and will enhance the presentation of your vegetables, salads, crackers, and other foods. They’re also crunchy and will add texture to your entrees, sides, dinner rolls, and appetizers.

Nutty Flavor

These black sesame seeds have a nutty and earthy flavor and are slightly richer than their white counterpart. Their flavor also intensifies when they’re toasted.

Great for Meat and Seafood

When preparing meat and seafood, use these black sesame seeds to add an extra crunch. These seeds are also popular in various types of sushi rolls.

Black Sesame Seeds 1 lb.

SKU: 10207569
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