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Axe Brand Pain Relieving Oil

Size: 1.89 fl. oz. (56 mL) per bottle 

Benefits: Axe Brand Universal Oil is blended with several essential oils to help relieve the symptoms of many medical conditions such as: Muscle and joint pain, Backaches, Sprains and strains, Bruises and Arthritis pain. Natural ingredients that come from our Earth are drawn from grasses, trees, flowers and leaves and have been used by Asian cultures for centuries to heal and soothe our bodies. This soothing oil also is very effective in cutting down on your pain from arthritis, and even from annoying bruises. Others find that Axe is very useful to relieve aching muscles, joints and ligaments that are caused by athletic injury in workouts and sports.

History: The storied history of Axe Brand Universal Oil started when its creator Leung Yun Chee went on a journey from China to Singapore in the early 1920s. There he met with a physician from Germany named Schmeidler. This chance encounter led to the creation of Axe Brand Universal Oil. The unique product is based upon the formula that was created by Schmeidler out of a goodwill gesture towards Chee.


Manufactured by Leung Kai Fook Medical Co., Pte. Ltd.

Product of Singapore

Axe Brand Pain Relieving Oil

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