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3" Round Stainless Steel Cookie / Biscuit Cutter

Height3 Inches
Blade Diameter3 Inches
MaterialStainless Steel
Number of Pieces1
TypeCircle Cutters

Cookie Cutters

  • Allows consistent cookie appearance and portion control
  • 3" tall height cuts through thick layers of dough
  • Flat top surface for comfortable use
  • Provides consistent smooth cuts
  • Easily release dough



Consistent appearance and portion control is crucial in maintaining a profitable bakery. This 3" round stainless steel cookie / biscuit cutter provides both! Use this cookie cutter to continuously cut cookie dough into the same 3" pre-baked cookies.

The cutter's 3" tall height enables you to cut through thick layers of dough. Meanwhile, the cutter's flat round top offers a broad surface for firmly pressing down and creating a smooth cut. A small hole is located on the cutter's side, enabling air circulation and easily release of dough.

Overall Dimensions:
Blade Diameter: 3"
Height: 3"


3" Round Stainless Steel Cookie / Biscuit Cutter

SKU: 407BCC3
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