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Carlisle Sparta Spectrum 2" W Boar Bristle Pastry / Basting Brush with Hook

Length9 3/4 Inches
Handle Length8 Inches
Bristle Width2 Inches
Bristle ColorBeige
Bristle MaterialBoar
Bristle Trim1 7/8 Inches
Brush ShapeFlat
FeaturesLong Handle

With Hook
Handle ColorWhite
Handle MaterialPlastic
Maximum Temperature500 Degrees F
TypeFlat Brushes

Pastry/Basting Brush
  • Double boiled, bleached, sterilized boar bristles are both water and heat-resistant
  • Convenient molded into-the-handle hook keeps bristles cool and clean
  • Higher absorbency than nylon or silicone brushes
  • Long handle with hanging loop gives provides more reach and ease of storage
  • Great for delicate tasks



This basic but functional, Carlisle 2" Sparta Meteor bright white boar bristle pastry / basting brush with hook can be used for coating fluffy fresh baked pastries with butter, egg wash, or water, or for coating meats with delicious marinades and sauces. Now available with a shorter handle, the 2" pastry brush is perfect for smaller treats. It is made with soft, flagged white boar bristles that are double boiled, bleached, and sterilized to insure the highest quality and sanitization and are molded into the brush's base to prevent bacteria. Plus, the boar bristles work better than alternative brushes for spreading thin liquids such as olive oil, butter, and vinegar-based marinades.

With its wide and flat design, this brush is ideal for jobs like basting a roast, buttering phyllo dough sheets, or applying an egg wash on large loaves and pastries. The larger size of it is even helpful for spreading liquids or sauce, making it great even for tasks like making pizza. Easy to use, this pastry brush is sure to become a go-to kitchen tool!

To clean, simply dip the brush in a commercial cleaning solution. Its durable construction can withstand temperatures reaching 500 degrees. A hook has been crafted onto the outside of the base allowing the brush to hang on the lip of crocks or other containers, preventing contamination and bristle burn, melt, or distortion, often resulting from resting against hot pan bottoms. The Carlisle 4037800 boar bristle pastry brush has a 2" brush width and an 8" handle with an oval loop at its end for easy storage.

Overall Dimensions:
Handle Length: 8"
Bristle Trim: 1 7/8"
Bristle Width: 2"
Length: 9 3/4"


2" W Boar Bristle Pastry / Basting Brush with Hook

SKU: 27140378
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