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Ghirardelli 2 lb. Majestic Dutch Cocoa Powder

Cacao Percentage<30%
Package Size2 lb.
TypeCocoa Powder


Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
  • 20-22% cocoa butter
  • Extra dark brown color
  • Most decadent cocoa powder variety
  • Ideal for cakes, muffins, hot chocolate bases, gelato, truffles, and mochas
  • Convenient 2 lb. can
  • Well-recognized and trusted brand name
  • Great for bakeries, coffee shops, and cafes


With its remarkably bold flavor and extra dark brown color, this cocoa powder will enhance the look, aroma, and taste of your baked goods, beverages, and confections. Use it for cakes, muffins, mousse, ganache, and truffles. It even enhances signature mochas, hot chocolate bases, gelato, and chocolate ice cream bases with its exquisite, bold chocolate flavor.

Flavorful Versatility

From cakes and muffins to decadent hot chocolate and creamy gelato, this cocoa powder will bring a deep chocolate flavor to all of your delicacies! It brings a special dimension to espresso-based beverages in your coffee shops or bakery. It can be whipped into a sauce to top all the ice cream flavors in your parlor. Treat your guests to unforgettable majestic dutch cocoa!

Premium Cocoa

Ghirardelli uses the heart of the cacao bean, called the nib, to create this premium dutch-processed, nib-alkalized cocoa. The nibs are ground, pressed, and pulverized to release their intense flavors. They are then treated with an alkali to neutralize acids. This process gives it a darker color and a mild, subtle flavor that complements other baking ingredients.


KOF-K Dairy Kosher Supervision

This item is certified dairy Kosher by KOF-K Dairy Kosher Supervision.

2 lb. Majestic Dutch Cocoa Powder

SKU: 40862100
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