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16 oz. Gourmet Pure Vanilla Extract

Extract BaseAlcohol-Based
Flavor ProfileCreamy/Buttery

Dessert & Confectionery
Gluten FreeYes
Package Size16 oz.
  • Pure vanilla extract containing 35% alcohol content
  • Distinctive, sweet aroma with a robust flavor profile
  • Use to elevate the taste of pastry creams, icings, ice creams and other sweets
  • Versatile ingredient for  home, bakeries, confectioneries, cafes and restaurants


Versatile Ingredient

This classic ingredient is perfect for use in pastry creams, icings, sweet glazes, gourmet desserts and candies or add to a signature coffee drink for a unique flavor. It's also great for use in baked goods and desserts!

Genuine Flavor and Fragrance

This pure vanilla extract is made by infusing, macerating, and filtering select vanilla pods in a solution of alcohol (35%) and water and contains no additives or artificial flavors. Using just a small amount of this extract will deliver a complex, deep vanilla flavor to your most popular sweet treats!



This item is gluten-free per the manufacturer.

16 oz. Gourmet Pure Vanilla Extract

SKU: 1049070
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