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Barilla 12 oz. Tri-Color Rotini Pasta

Grain TypeDurum Wheat

Made in AmericaYes


Create a variety of signature pasta dishes with this Barilla tri-color rotini pasta. One of the most popular and kid-friendly forms of pasta, rotini means "twists" in Italian, referring to the screw-like shape of the noodles. Rotini is characterized by medium-length, spiral-shaped noodles that allows it to hold extra sauce and other bits of ingredients to ensure maximum flavor in every bite. A great complement to almost any sauce, this pasta pairs best with dairy- and oil-based sauces, vegetables, and seafood. It is also an ideal choice for baked dishes and pasta salads and its orange, natural, and green noodles will help enhance the visual appeal to your dishes. No matter how it's prepared, Barilla pasta is trusted among Italian chefs and remains Italy's #1 brand of pasta for its reliability in texture and ability to complement fresh ingredients and bold flavors.

This pasta is made with the finest durum wheat semolina to deliver great taste and ensure an "al dente" texture your customers crave, every time. The semolina is combined with spinach and tomato to not only add color to the pasta but to also increase its nutritional benefits! To prepare, use 4-6 quarts of water per pound of pasta. Bring to a rolling boil and add salt to taste. Add the pasta to the boiling water, stir gently, and return to a boil. For "al dente" pasta, boil uncovered for 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. For more tender pasta, boil for an additional minute. Remove from the heat and drain well. Simply add your preferred ingredients, plate, and serve!


  • Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • Non-GMO

    This item does not contain any genetically modified ingredients.

  • Orthodox Union Kosher

    This item is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

12 oz. Tri-Color Rotini Pasta

SKU: 999BAR8381
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